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I know that many of you now will be looking at the title of this post and wondering what it means! I didn't know till a few days ago when I was trying to write my sermon for Sunday and was struggling to get a grasp of where I was going with it.

The Lectionary reading is Mark 5:21-43, which contains two famous stories of healing. One is the raising of Jairus' daughter, the other the women with a bleed which she has had for 12 years. I was struggling to make some connections with the accounts which was a bit "different" and started to read a book which said rather than thinking of the words "Talitha Koum" which were in Aramaic to think of the Greek word "Egerio"

Talitha Kum. "Little girl, get up.  This is one of the few phrases which remain in Jesus’ native tongue of Aramaic, as if saying these words in the original language hold power and truth and healing in and of themselves. Egeiro - means get up and is used in each of the four gospels to refer to Jesus' resurrection. So this had me thinking about a different sort of thread in the stories about resurrection. 

I guess it made me think that you and I are like both Jairus' daughter and the women with the bleed because in a biblical manner of speaking we are dying. What the end of Mark 5 is saying is that each one of us is having the life drained out of us one way or another by the different things we struggle with. That is until we encounter Jesus. Either we reach out and touch Him or He touches us, and then and only then do we receive the real gift of life.

Divine Love at Easter


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Saturday, 30 May 2020

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