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God's weaklings

When I fell and damaged my knee just before Christmas, I was completely helpless. Ann, our Curate, says she was shocked by how vulnerable I looked, laid there on the grass, with my leg under me, pale and shocked. (Well, there's no harm in trying for a bit more sympathy, is there?)

Sometimes we just are helpless, we have no choice. But, most of the time, most of us like to project an image of strength. Perhaps this is true particularly of men - or has been, until now: over the past few years, it's been heartening to see how many men have been able to be open about their struggles with mental health.

I was interested in Steve Coogan's comments, in this week's "Radio Times". He talks about how easy it is for men "to develop psychological problems, especially if you're in a male-dominated corporate world where you can't show weakness. The whole human experience is about weakness. You look at Shakespeare, it's all about weakness. But people still feel like they have to cover up or explain away anything that makes them look flawed."

In other words, what is really interesting about us is our vulnerability. But, of course, to allow yourself to be vulnerable you have to be able to trust.

So maybe we can (especially if we're male) look afresh at our ultimate role model, Jesus of Nazareth - God becoming intentionally vulnerable, all the way to death on a cross. What is he showing us about embracing our weakness, and finding glory in it?

Ashes to ashes
Equal before God


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Monday, 06 April 2020

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