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Into the unknown

It looks like we're all going to have plenty of time to sit at home and think about Coronavirus over the coming weeks. For those with underlying health problems, and those of a certain age, there is real cause for concern, and a need to do what we can to keep one another safe.

But for all of us, whatever our age or state of health, there is that particular type of anxiety that we feel when we're facing the unknown. Usually, habits and routines mask the reality that none of us knows what each day will hold. Now, though, despite the best efforts of expert advisors, we really don't know how our lives will be affected by this potentially huge threat to our lives and our society. We are confronted with the unknown, and it's scary.

Three fairly obvious thoughts:

- Keep calm and wash your hands. This much-repeated advice is simply saying: don't panic, just be sensible. We can all do this, and it may be enough...

- Whoever we are, this crisis, which is likely to mean many people are more isolated than usual, gives us an opportunity to be more than usually thorough and attentive in maintaining contact with one another - using the technology we have at our fingertips.

- And if we are people of faith, this may be our chance to re-discover the God we say we believe in: One who is present with us at all times, and especially in times of trouble. The future course of our lives is unknown to us - apart from the fact that the God of love will always be with us, and that this will be enough.

Love in a time of Coronavirus
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Monday, 06 April 2020

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