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Something more


Well, obviously something more is needed, replies the activist (who has found time in his/her busy schedule to read the previous post). If you're just going to sit around doing nothing, how will the Kingdom be built? How will all those lost souls be saved? How will we play our part in ensuring that God is "all in all"?

All right, let me lay my cards on the table. I am a lazy person who likes staring out of the window. Sometimes - quite often, actually - I am railroaded into doing things; and sometimes I really enjoy doing things, and some of those things might even be of benefit to others. But - building the Kingdom? Give me a break. Whatever the Kingdom is, it isn't going to be built by my conscious effort - or yours. The moment I say to myself, "Oh look, I'm building the Kingdom!", I am stuck fast in a mire of self-satisfaction, and God is somewhere else. When my left hand becomes aware of what my right hand is doing, the beautiful gift  that's been entrusted to me turns to dust.

So what can I do? Learn to be authentic. Which means - learn to be myself with God. Everything will flow from that. (And, of course, I won't know what that "everything" is until it happens.)

I am very far from having this sewn up. Despite my inherent slothfulness, I still rush around, quite a lot of the time, as if the world will end without my input. But I do believe that the best foundation for my doing stuff is doing nothing, and the best starting point for my prayer is stopping praying. Ten minutes of silence, sitting still, listening for the voice within  - that's all I need to remind me of what matters most. God is real, and God is here.

Laughter as grace
Calm and quiet

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