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The Holy Trinity

Every year Giles seems to be away when Trinity Sunday comes. If you read the June 2015 Mission Community Magazine ( he does say that and then gives a few hints as to what he thinks about the Trinity. So once again I have to preach on this particular Sunday, which is fine except I almost always want to say the same thing!

It is the only festival of the church that celebrates a doctrine – a humanly created statement about the nature of God.  The doctrine of the trinity emerged slowly across the history of the church, referenced but never fully defined in scripture.  It is a human attempt to describe our experience of something that we acknowledge is beyond our ability to describe.  It says that God’s essence is relational, that while the God we worship is absolutely One God, we experience that God in relationship to three persons – God the Father and Creator, Jesus, the Son who heals and redeems, and the Holy Spirit, who enlivens and transforms.  The doctrine of the Trinity teaches us that the central characteristic of God is relationship.  That is how and who God is, and we are created in that image.  It is our nature also, to be in relationship.

This is the point I am starting at, where the sermon will go from here I have no idea but I better get on and write it!


Divine Love at Easter


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Saturday, 30 May 2020

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