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Periodic contributions from Revd. Giles King-Smith, Vicar of the three coastal parishes. We also continue to show contributions from the late Associate Minister Revd. Linda Walters
News from the three Coastal Parishes of  Lee, Mortehoe and Woolacomber
Revd. Giles King-Smith

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Services for Sunday 26th January

 8.00 am       Holy Communion (BCP) at St. Sabinus', Woolacombe

 8.45 am       Holy Communion at St. Matthew's, Lee

10.00 am      Family Communion at St. Mary's, Mortehoe

10.00 am      Parish Eucharist at St. Sabinus', Woolacombe



Friends of God

Our monthly meetings at St. Sabinus' Church, to explore prayer together, are continuing on the following dates:

Tuesday February 25th, Tuesday March 25th 

Sessions start at 7.00 pm and last about an hour - everybody welcome, no expectations...


Agnostics Anonymous

The next meeting of our open discussion group, at the Grampus pub in Lee, will be on Monday February 17th, starting at (approximately) 8.00 pm. The theme will be: "Romantic love, anyone?"  Everybody welcome!


Earthed! is a new gathering for 2020, starting on Thursday January 23rd and continuing monthly. The idea is for anyone with an interest in the environment to share ideas, concerns and resources, to help us (as individuals and as communities) make a real contribution in the fight against climate change. We'll meet at 7.00 pm in St. Sabinus' Church, with a warm welcome for absolutely everyone who has an interest in the biggest challenge we face...


St. Sabinus' Roof good news! We have received permission to begin the work of re-tiling our church roof, and we've set a date to launch our fund-raising: on Saturday March 21st at 7.00 pm everyone is invited to St. Sabinus' for drinks and eats, and a presentation outlining the project, as well as information on how to give, and - hopefully - details of the first fund-raising events. We hope that this project will strengthen the many connections between the church and the community we serve. Come and see!










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