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More heroes

I know, I'm easily hero-struck, but are two for your consideration:

- First, Marcus Rashford, whose open letter to MPs led to a policy u-turn which will mean more than a million children will get free school meal vouchers this summer. His eloquent and passionate letter is worth reading in full; when it comes to childhood deprivation, he knows what he's talking about. His incredulity at the grim reality of children going hungry in our country, now, is powerful and unanswerable - except by change...

- And second, the black anti-racism protester who carried an injured white opponent to safety during the demonstrations in London at the weekend. I'm sure he wouldn't claim to be a hero, but I found the picture of his rescue mission very moving. It reassured me that there are people who will step across barriers of distrust and hatred to save life; it underlined the truth that is deeper than our disagreements - we are not so different after all; and it provided an unforgettable image of the strength that stoops down to our weakness, to save us. I'm even more sure this guy wouldn't like to be compared to Jesus - think of it more as an acted parable. 

In the Kingdom, the poor and the weak will be given pride of place. Can we start doing this now? 

No more barriers

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