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Prayers for Pentecost


Here are the prayers used at our 24/7 prayer room meeting last Saturday, and again for the service on Sunday - hoping they may be helpful for a little longer...

At Pentecost, as we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit, and the birth of the Church, we come to you, our God, in prayer - to thank you, to ask your forgiveness, and to pray for your Kingdom.

Spirit of the living God - fall afresh on us

Eternal God, as we call to mind our fellowship in the Body of Christ, we give you thanks for all the generosity, truthfulness and mercy which your Church has offered to the world, down the ages. And we thank you for the goodness and beauty you have shown us in our lives of worship and prayer. We remember now those who helped us come to faith and encouraged us on our way - by singing us songs or telling us stories, by inviting us in when we felt distant or unsure, by praying for us without being asked...

Spirit of the living God - fall afresh on us

Eternal God, as we remember the story of your Church, we cannot avoid the shameful reality of the many times that your people have, in the name of Jesus Christ, practised prejudice, coercion and violence towards those they identified as "other"; and we know also that we have struggled, and often failed, to accept those who are different from us. Forgive us, remake us, and help us to see that to live as your people means to be rooted and grounded in the loving-kindness you have shown us in Christ your Son.

Spirit of the living God - fall afresh on us

Eternal God, hear us as we pray for your Kingdom to come  - for the renewal of the whole created order in harmony with you, for an end to our sad divisions, for the establishment of your justice and peace. Give us eyes to see that your Kingdom is already among us, in countless acts of loving service, of tender-hearted forgiveness, of courageous witness to the truth, and of passionate care for the earth. Change our hearts from fearful selfishness and greed to generous, unstinting love for others, so that the poor and the vulnerable may be honoured and protected, and all may know themselves to be your beloved children.

Slirit of the living God - fall afresh on us

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