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What kind of freedom?

One of the key arguments used by those who have opposed the present lockdown - and by those who have accepted it, but who foolishly suppose that the roll-out of a vaccine should mean an immediate release from Covid restrictions - is that curbs on our freedom are intolerable and should be resisted.

But there are many different ways of understanding "freedom", and some of them are no more than a smart-looking disguise for selfishness. If freedom means nothing more than being allowed to do whatever I want, then the sum total of all our individual freedoms will be a state of anarchy in which the weak go to the wall.

If, though, I can value freedom from illness, freedom from hunger, freedom from danger - freedom to live, in other words - then perhaps I'm coming closer to a freedom which can be pursued for the benefit of others rather than simply for my own satisfaction.

In God's society (which we call the Kingdom) every freedom is judged by how it measures up to love. 

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