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Words of wisdom


Talk about setting yourself up for a fall! With a title like that, you can pretty much guarantee that what follows will not be wise - since the starting point for any kind of wisdom is humility. As Proverbs says:

Trust in the Lord with all your heart

and be not wise in your own sight.

I come from a family of know-alls. We like quizzes and hate losing them, we expect our grammar and spelling to be perfect (and tell others off when theirs isn't), and we find it hard to accept someone else knowing something we don't. Unfortunately, this kind of striving to know it all is not only an unwinnable game - it has nothing to do with real wisdom.

The wise person knows that they don't know everything, and is genuinely delighted to find out new things. More than that, the wise person doesn't equate true knowledge with having all the answers; they aim for understanding by considering life's questions slowly and patiently. In God-terms, they know that the divine is to be experienced rather than defined. They are mature enough to forgo the satisfaction of having things sewn up. They are good at waiting and listening. They don't care about coming first.

I would like to be wise like this.

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